The Payroll Shoppe

Payroll Input and Processing

  • You can process your payroll a number of ways: E-mail, fax, call us or we will call you, you can decide.  We build each new client specifics based on your comfort and preference.
  • You can also, if you choose, input your payroll yourself at your convenience through our online payroll portal.
  • Wage garnishments and child support orders will be processed and filed.
  • New hire reporting included at no extra cost.



  • Reports, paychecks and vouchers can be delivered to your office, the employees’ homes or archived on our online Secureview.
  • 19 standard reports available.
  • Custom reports are available upon request.
  • Certified payroll reporting available for Union payrolls.


Tax Services

  • No need to worry about keeping up with the ever-changing tax laws.
  • All tax payments will be made by The Payroll Shoppe to Federal, State, Local and LST agencies…we handle all 50 states.
  • Quarterly tax returns will be filed on your behalf. Copies will be provided to you.
  • W2s / 1099s filed to Federal, State and Local municipalities. Copies will be provided to you.


Employee Payment Options

  • Live (non-direct deposit) paycheck, signed or unsigned can be delivered to your office.
  • We can send live checks or direct deposit vouchers directly to your employee’s home.
  • Employees can view vouchers online through our Employee self-service portal.

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