Goal Discovery and Wealth Planning ~ We conduct a ‘deep dive’ into goals and aspirations; then, we craft a custom, fully integrated plan for wealth fulfillment. You benefit from a personalized wealth fulfillment hub, “myQuest” that provides a real-time, comprehensive financial picture.

Retirement Planning ~ We map retirement goals, including required savings, and optimize use of Social Security benefits, pension, and deferred compensation, as well as privately held equities.

Investment Management ~ We construct and oversee a comprehensive, customized investment portfolio, applying asset allocation and cost-efficient investments.

Tax & Analysis ~ We identify and apply tax minimization strategies.

Insurance & Asset Protection ~ We coordinate risk management strategies, including property, personal, life, and long-term care insurances.

Real Estate Settlement ~ We review and resolve title status, verify and calculate fees and taxes, prepare documents and conduct closings, and record documents.

Trust & Estate Planning ~ We establish an all-encompassing estate plan for wealth transfer to beneficiaries that mitigates tax consequences.

Charitable Giving Strategies ~ We structure and establish family foundations and trusts.

Client Education & Communication ~ We furnish Why It Matters (quarterly newsletter), Market Pulse (monthly video), and regular client events.

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