Business Owners

Valuation Assessment ~ We approach assessing the value of your business by taking into account your end-game and utilizing  a variety of measures: assets, income, market dynamics, and economic value-added (EVA).

Growth & Expansion ~ Using cash or borrowing? Whether it’s an acquisition or physical expansion, we assist in selecting and structuring the appropriate instruments.

Leasing Matters ~  We assist individual investors, landlords, tenants, oil and gas lessors or lessees, and/or large, multi-faceted rental and management companies.

Ownership Structuring ~ We can assist with evolving from a sole proprietorship to a partnership, corporation, or LLC.

Risk Management ~ We mitigate losses by taking into consideration property, business interruption, liability, key person, and injury to employees.

Succession Planning ~ What’s your vision for the future, your legacy? If it includes heirs, key employees, a merger, outright sale, or charitable donation, we can assist. We take a holistic approach, integrating both estate and retirement planning.

Pre- and Post-Planning for the Sale of a Business ~ Our team of accountants, attorneys, and wealth consultants collaborate seamlessly to create a roadmap for optimizing the outcomes: taxable events, retirement lifestyle, and philanthropic endeavors.

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